Join our Volunteer Team!!!!

Read below and then fill out our contact form HERE. Please state the role you’re interested in and we’ll get ahold of you right away. Spots are filling up so we hope to hear from you soon!

As a volunteer with the Seven Music Festival, you are part of a big and wonderful team that works together to create an amazing event – we couldn’t do it without you.

You are our ambassadors and our philosophy is to treat people well, have fun and smile. And then smile some more!

We use the following guidelines in an effort to make your experience a positive one.

As a volunteer you have the right:

  • TO be identified as a volunteer and to be treated as a co-worker, with respect and a zero tolerance of abusive behavior.
  • TO be properly informed about the Festival, its policies, programs, services and procedures.
  • TO know what is expected of you.
  • TO be recognized for your contribution of the 7 Music Festival.

As a volunteer you will receive:

  • A pass for the festival. (Minimum 6 volunteer hours)
  • A volunteer T-shirt that must be worn while you are on shift.  Please do NOT transfer it to anyone else for the duration of the festival.
  • Backstage snacks and beverages.
  • What we expect from you:
  • Your smile!
  • Do your job to the best of your ability.
  • Always conduct yourself in a professional manner.
  • Show up on time, ready to work, and treat others with respect. If for any reason you’re unable to fulfil your shift, contact the volunteer coordinator as soon as possible.
  • You must make arrangements for the care of your children during your shift.

Adherence to the Volunteer Code of Conduct, available on our website.

Volunteer Job Descriptions

Front Gate (20+) Saturday July 7th Noon to 10pm

Greeting patrons and sharing information

Checking tickets/ID and wristbanding in the line ups, directing patrons to the appropriate “gate” i.e. Buy a ticket, have a ticket. VIP/Media/On-call.

Box office (20+) Saturday July 7th – Noon to 10pm

Selling tickets on site

Manage guest list i.e. Media, On-Call


Stage Assistant (18+) Saturday July 7th – noon to 10pm

Loading, moving, watching over gear, helping with stage crew


Site set up (18+) Thursday, July 5th and Friday, July 6th 9am to 5pm, Sunday, July 8th 10am to finish.

Helping set up and tear down the site – fencing, signage, table and chair set up, refuse bins, stage barricade, portable lighting, etc.

Stage set up and Tear down (18+) Set up – Thursday, July 5th time TBA, Teardown – Sunday July 8th time TBA

Site Management (18+) Saturday July 7th various times

Information Tent

Parking lot barricades access

Stage access control – 1pm to 11:30pm

Back stage control – 8am to 11pm

Perimeter patrol

Volunteer services (18+) Saturday July 7th – various times

Checking volunteers

Handing out wristbands, snacks, coffee

Handling volunteer bag check area